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Hard drive crash

Last Updated: Aug 27, 2019 07:19PM CEST
_____2019-08-27 _____
The list of lost files is now complete.
We'll soon send a notification to all users who have been affected by the problem.

_____2019-08-19 _____
The damaged files now appear with a specific icon.
You may upload the same file again to restore it.
To get the list of the damages files, you can open the search page and enter the following text : "lost:true".

NB : The list of lost files is not complete yet. The process takes days. We'll update this thread when the process is completed.

_____2019-08-16 _____
After trying for weeks to repair the files damaged by the hard drives crash, we've succeeded in recovering some of them but not all of them.
The lost files appear with a blank thumbnail and cannot be downloaded.
For now, the corrupted files cannot be uploaded again, we're working on that issue. It should be fixed soon.
Files smaller than 100 MB have not been affected.
We're extremely sorry for this accident. We've decided to move our servers to another hosting provider to make sure it won't happen gain.

Our hosting provider warned us on June 19th that 4 hard drives from the same server (cloud62) had crashed simultaneously. The RAID service designed to rescue files when a disk crashes became defective due to the simultaneous crash.
For now, all the files which were on server cloud62 and whose size is bigger than 100 MB are unavailable. Smaller files are unaffected as they are all replicated on another server.
A file may be unavailable but its preview may still be available if it was located on another server.
We're in the process of trying to retrieve data from the 36TB disk image of cloud62.
We'll give you more feed back once we have finished copying the image. This process will takes days regarding the size of the disk image.
We're doing everything we can to restore the maximum number of files.
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